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Directory of Key NCIT Personnel


Patrick Sherry, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.
Research Professor &
Executive Director
National Center for Intermodal Transportation
University of Denver
2400 S. Gaylord, Suite 232
Denver, CO 80208

National Center for Intermodal Transportation
University of Denver
2400 South Gaylord Street, Denver, Colorado 80208

Dr. Patrick Sherry is a professor with a specialization in intermodal transportation and occupational psychology at the University of Denver. Since 2003 he has served as the Director of the National Center for Intermodal Transportation and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver. In addition to scientific research he has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 transportation companies throughout the US and Canada in the areas of safety, human resources, and leadership training. He has conducted research in the area of human factors related to the hours of service for the transportation industry. He developed and validated an assessment battery for selecting and hiring managers in a large rail transportation company and is currently working on a documentary film and a book describing state of the art intermodal transportation solutions in the Western United States.

Dr. Sherry has been extremely active in the identification and development of leaders in business and industry. His book on training and development needs of leaders in the transportation industry and 150+ articles and scientific papers have influenced thousands of professionals and students. Applying cutting edge behavioral science to training and education he was a co-founder of the Pioneer Leadership Program - an on-campus training program that had the highest enrollment of students on campus. In addition, he directs and evaluates potential participants for the Founding Fathers Project, an in-depth study of 40 CEOs and leaders of transportation companies. Most recently Dr. Sherry co-authored a study on the workforce development needs of professional in the transportation industry.

Dr. Sherry addressed the US House of Representatives' Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure earlier this year and identified five major challenges facing the US transportation system. He has also worked in both Europe and Asia, consulting on hiring decisions, assessment instruments and practices, and the development of executive training programs with private industry and government.

Assistant Director of Research

Briana Hedman, M.A.
Assistant Director of the National Center for Intermodal Transportation
University of Denver
2400 S Gaylord St
Denver CO, 80208
Office: 303.871.7773
Fax: 303.871.4456

Briana Hedman, Ph.D. is currently the Assistant Director of the National Center for Intermodal Transportation at the University of Denver, a position she has held since September 2010. During that time she has been involved in several research projects, including research design, implementation, and coordination of research teams. Her areas of interest consist mainly of workforce and management development issues of women in transportation and also in the assessment of leadership factors, fatigue, safety and health effects of shift work; she was integral in the development of a measure of inclusivity related to productivity and retention of employees in the public transportation sector. She is a frequent presenter at national conferences including the Transportation Research Board, the Transportation Research Forum, and the American Psychological Association. During this time she has also served as a liaison to the Research Council for the Board of Directors at the Intermodal Transportation Institute and presenting at International Conference for the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Before starting at the NCIT, she worked as a Project Coordinator for a 5-year longitudinal study funded by the National Institute for Mental Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. She lives in Los Angeles and graduated with a doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Denver with an interest in career development, organizational and occupational psychology.

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